1. A. LIBRARY

a)       Seating capacity in the Reading Room- 100                                          
b)       Number of Books- 5091                                                                                                                       
c)       Number of Titles- 1019                                                                             
d)       Number of Reference books like Encyclopedias, Dictionaries- Ref-289         
e)   Name of journals subscribed
i.        The Asian journal of Psychology and Education
ii.       Journal of Educational Technology and Research
iii.      Education and development (an international Journal of Education and Humanities)
iv.      Research journal of human development (an international Journal of Education and     Humanities)
v.       Excellence in Education (an international Journal of Education and Humanities)
vi.      Education Society (an international Journal of Education and Humanities)
vii.     Education today (an international Journal of Education and Humanities)
viii.    International journals of Education, technology and social media
ix.      Inquisitive teacher
x.       Edu world
          f)  Number of books added during the previous academic session- 199                               g)  Number of books added during the current academic session-               
          B.  ICT Resource Centre

  • Number of Computer systems- 24                                                 
  • Availability of Internet facility- Yes                                                        
  • Accessibility of Internet facility to students-     Yes                        
  • Number of CD ROMs-                                                                   
  • Number of Resources added during the Current Session-
  • CD ROMs-50
  • Pen drive-2 pcs (8GB, 16GB)
  • Educational CD- 10
  • Computer- 15
  • Number of Resources added during the previous academic  session-
  • CD ROMs-50            
  • Educational CD

C.  Art & Craft Resource Centre (Essential items available be mentioned)
 i) Pencil ,Paper ,Mount Board, Paper Cutter
ii) Chalk, Duster, Color Plate, Brush-5no,8no,10no,12no
iii) Plastic Tub, Plastic Bowl, Plastic Mug
iv) Stove, water drum, Aluminum utensils, Steel utensils,
V) clay modeling tools, color (poster & fabric) thermocules, almirah  
Cloth-4 mtr. Brush- 5 pc. Fevicol- 5 ltr. 2pc. Boutique color- 3 set


  • Boutique Color -3 set ii) Cloth- 4mtr. iii) Brush- 5 pcs. iv) Fevicol- 5 Ltrs. V) Wood Cutting tools vi) Sponge roller and Blending vii) Eraser viii) Color paper ix) Knife and Sketch Paper x) Pottery tools and Fabric acrylic colours xi) Glass Colours (water) and Glass uners.

D. Curriculum Laboratory (Essential items available be mentioned)
i) Resources for Science Education- Yes
ii) Resources for Social Science Education- Yes
iii) Resources for Regional Language Education-Yes

  • Resources for Core Mathematics-Yes
  • Resources for English Language-Yes
  • Overhead Projector / Notice Boards / Black Boards-Yes

E.  Physical Education Resource Center (Essential items available be mentioned)
i.        football (2)  skippind roap, (4) 
ii.       cricket bad (2), ball (5), wicket (6), bad mention (6)
iii.      carom board (2)
iv.      volley ball (2) ,net (2),
v.       basket ball (2), kho-kho pole (2)
vi.      shot-put (4) javelin (1), first aid-box (2)

  • Mention if the Institution offering programmes in physical education possesses

following facilities:
1)  Sports & Field Equipment for Athletics-

2) Hockey-No
3) Football-Yes
4) Cricket-Yes
5) Basketball-Yes
6) Volley Ball-Yes
7) Badminton -Yes
8) Lawn Tennis-No
9) Athletic Track-Yes
10) Gymnastics -Yes